Det. Drake Spade

Detective, Chicago P.D.



Detective Drake Spade

DOB: November 15th, 1899
City of Birth: Chicago, IL
Known Aliases: None
Known Address: (REDACTED – classified)
Relationships: Sofia Spade (Spouse), Elenor Spade (Child)

Previous issues:
-Suspended w/pay 3 days for simple assault 8/14/26

-Suspended w/pay 14 days for interfering with investigation 11/12/26 (reinstated)

-Suspended w/pay 14 days for conduct unbecoming of officer 2/14/27 (reinstated)

-Suspended w/pay 31 days for excessive force 5/29/27 (reinstated)

-Suspended w/pay 14 days for assault against authorized informant 8/31/28 (reinstated)

-Suspended w/pay 16 days for conduct unbecoming of officer 12/2/29 (reinstated)

-Suspended w/pay 7 days for violence against fellow officer 12/18/29 (Reinstated)

-Suspended w/pay for conduct unbecoming of officer 12/25/29 (Under review pending psychological examination)

Current Status: Suspended w/pay for conduct unbecoming of officer (Pending Psychological Examination)

Detective Drake Spade has been active Detective with department for last 3 years after involvement in (REDACTED – classified). Since promotion, Det. Spade has demonstrated an innate ability to integrate with underworld elements and a keen investigative ability. Det. Spade is regarded by co-workers as a “loose cannon” and a “lone wolf”, and is generally not seen as well suited for partnering with fellow officers. Det. Spade has an “abrasive” personality and has extreme dislike for authority/authority figures.

For additional information, including previous work with department prior to promotion see File#(REDACTED – Classified).

ADDENDUM 12/26/29: Det. Spade’s family has been admitted to Our Lady of Saving Grace Memorial Hospital effective 12/1/29 in comatose state due to unexplained circumstances currently under investigation. Det. Spade is demonstrating signs of extreme stress/alcoholism, suspected related to situation.

Officers have also reported Det. Spade demonstrates symptoms of physical illness ranging from extreme migranes to chronic cough w/ expectoration of blood. Det. Spade refuses medical treatment and states that he is currently in good health.

Currently Det. Spade is suspended w/pay for consumption of alcohol during work hours and violent threats against officers involved in investigation of events surrounding his family. Det. Spade is currently a suspect in case and is listed as only witness to events. Det. Spade has refused to make any statement regarding the night’s events, and is currently exercising his fifth amendment rights. Suspension under review pending full psychological examination.

For additional information about all active cases including current investigation against Det. Spade, see file#(REDACTED – Classified).

Det. Drake Spade

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