Patrick McGregor

Journalist / Crime Scene Photographer


Patrick was born on October 1st, 1901 in Edinburgh, Scotland. His family moved to the states when he was still just a baby, and Patrick grew up in Chicago. He was named after his grandfather, and his family soon began calling him by the nickname “Ace”.

When Patrick was the age of ten, he once stumbled upon his father and grandfather clad in strange black robes. They were gathered together with a large group of people, chanting in some strange language he had never heard before, and has never heard since. Pat was quickly removed from the scene by someone he never got a chance to see. He simply woke up at home the following day, as if nothing ever happened. He often wonders if it was even real, or just a dream.

He went on to eventually earn a Bachelors Degree in Journalism from the University of Illinois Chicago, and found a job writing for a well established paper. However, Patrick was intensely interested in uncovering the truth of what he saw when he was a child, and only wanted to write stories on investigations into the Occult.

Unfortunately, Patrick was soon cut from his journalism job, a great blow to his budding career. Two months later, he is now utilizing his excellent camera skills with the CPD, documenting crime scenes. It is often a grisly job, and Ace would much rather be investigating what he saw as a child..

It pays the bills though. For now..

Patrick McGregor

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