Antony's Mark


“Antony’s Mark”

Date of Establishment: June 14th, 1924
Established by: Antony Winter
Known Address: 666 Belmont Avenue, Chicago Il.
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(Photo of underground VIP Area including bar)

Antony’s mark was established on the waterfront as a blue-collar worker’s place to get a bite and a night’s entertainment. Specializing in “The best burgers this side of the great lakes”, it has made a moderately successful profit since it’s inception. Many diners are unaware of it’s alternative menu.

Individuals that are truly familiar with the nature of the establishment utilize a combination of the menu and code words in order to request alcoholic beverages from the back. There is a series of hidden rooms and cellars that can be reached via a set of stairs accessed by switch located under a board in the kitchen. The board has an “X” shaped carving (for “X marks the spot”) and is usually obscured by cooking equipment. Depressing the switch drops a corner of the kitchen into stairs leading to the back rooms. Access is usually restricted to VIPs and “Whales”.

In the VIP Access area is various forms of gambling, prostitution, loansharking, and other underworld activities. The VIP Access area is a series of labyrinthine tunnels, exact size unknown. No additional information available at this time.

Currently a valuable source of information, due to the “no mans land” nature of the site. All criminal organizations have a no-hostilities agreement with regards to the premises. Officers are instructed to maintain a low profile presence so as not to risk detection. Some officers are tolerated by the denizens and are not required to mask their presence (See File: Det. Drake Spade ). When operating in Antony’s Mark, every suspect is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Also, due to the fact that the site is a valuable source of information, the site is allowed to continue operations regardless of it’s quasi-legal status. All investigations regarding site are to be presented to Chief Gainsborough before proceeding. Failure to do so will result in immediate suspension and additional action, up to and including termination.

For additional information regarding ownership, see files: Ruby Winter, Antony Winter.

For additional information regarding ongoing investigations, see files: Det. Drake Spade, Samuel “Sammy” Vitale.

Antony's Mark

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