The Chicago Outfit


Organizational Title: “The Chicago Outfit”
Current Leader: Al Capone
Originating area: South Side, Chicago IL.

Known for it’s bloody attacks over territorial disputes regarding the illegal production/distribution of alcohol, The Chicago Outfit has recently seen a meteoric rise in power. Originating in the South Side of town and formerly led by Johnny “The Fox” Torrio, The Chicago Outfit has changed hands effective 1925 to Al Capone, and has since branched out into a wide range of criminal activities including, loansharking, gambling, murder, prostitution, extortion, political corruption, and murder amongst others.

The Boss, through Capone, controls the heads of various divisions of the outfit through a system of informants placed throughout the various levels of the organization. Anyone who betrays the honor of the organization is executed. Among the most active representatives of the Al Capone Outfit is “Happy Memories” DeLuca (assets in Illinois and Wisconsin), Bob Calandra (Ontario), Vince DeLuca, Tom Ciampelletti (Montreal) and Frank Nitti, who acts as intermediary between Al Capone, the Boss, and the other gangsters. Frankie La Porte and Ross Prio out of Chicago Heights, carries some heavy weight with Capone organizing his gang into an empire. Frankie La Porte, being Sicilian and having the ability to work in confidence with New York gangsters Joe Bonanno and Charles “Lucky” Luciano, who are also Sicilian, is believed to have been Capone’s connection to the Commission.

The Chicago Outfit

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